The World Amyloidosis day 2022: the videos testimonies

The World Amyloidosis day 2022: the videos testimonies

World Amyloidosis Day on 26 October 2022: the videos testimonies

In the framework of the International Amyloidosis Day on October 26, many testimonies and interviews were conducted around the world.

Patients or relatives shared their experience of Amyloidosis with us. Testimonies from the four corners of the world, which shed light on the daily life of those affected by the disease.
Through their words, realities are brought to light, but also, and above all, relevant ideas on the future of amyloidosis management.

The interviews with people interviewed in the streets of all countries about their knowledge of amyloidosis also show the lack of knowledge of the general public about the disease.

Their aim is to raise awareness about amyloidosis.
Check out each of them on the Alliance’s YouTube channel and feel free to share them with others.

Watch the videos testimonies here ⬅️