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Everyone can act in their own way in different forms, because the more numerous we are, the more important will be the recognition of the disease.

A complex disease

Amyloidosis is a rare disease linked to the abnormal folding of proteins in the body.


The Amyloidosis Alliance's missions

Amyloidosis Alliance: communication and mutual support between patients organizations

With the Amyloidosis Alliance, whether you are an association, a patient organisation somewhere in the world, by speaking out together we help each other and advance the fight against the disease worldwide.

Amyloidosis Alliance: advocacy at an international level 

Through the Alliance, we share our knowledge about the disease. Together, let's make sure that awareness, diagnosis, treatment and care, but also research, advance on an international level.

One of our most important mission is also to support and encourage other countries in initiating patient organizations.

The amyloidosis alliance supports the fight against amyloidosis worldwide and accompanies patient organisations in different countries.
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