Our members


FaMY Norbotten - Sweden

The Association Française contre l’Amylose (AFCA) - France

The Associazione Italiana Amiloidosi Familiare Onlus (FAMY) – Italy

FAP-eV - Germany

TTR Amyloidosis Canada


UKATPA - ATTR Amyloidosis patient's association

ABPAR - Brazil

Canadian Amyloidosis Support Network - Canada

Amyloidosis Israel Org - Israel

Amyloidosis Support Groups - US

The Stichting Amyloïdose Nederland (SAN) – Netherlands


The ATTR Amyloidosis All Ireland

ABEA - Spain (Balearic Islands)

ASVEA - Spain

Leben mit Amyloidose - Austria

New Zealand Amyloidosis Patients association

FFAM - Mexico

Funcolehf - Colombia


Australian Amyloidosis Network

Hereditary amyloidose hwanwoohoe - Corea


Amyloidosis Patients Association - Belgium


Amilo - Spain

This list is not exhaustive but represents only the most involved groups within the Alliance. 

Become a member of the Alliance

You are an association, or a patient association fighting against amyloidosis somewhere in the world. Come and join us and let’s fight together against the disease worldwide.  By filling in the contact form below you will be quickly contacted by a member of the board of the alliance and will be able to become part of this alliance.

Patient organisations that have been created recently (less than 1 year ago) are invited to apply for full membership, but will qualify for a provisional status as “associate member”. After one year, and upon examination of their first annual report or other documents that provide proof of activities in compliance with the membership rules, their status can be revised by the Board of Directors for admittance to full membership.