The ISA International Amyloidosis fellowship program

The ISA International Amyloidosis fellowship program

The ISA International Amyloidosis Fellowship Program

The fight against amyloidosis, a rare but devastating disease, is taking on a new dimension thanks to the International Amyloidosis Society (ISA) Fellowship Programme. This initiative aims to strengthen the medical community in its quest to better understand, diagnose and treat this uncommon disease.

As an association committed to raising awareness and supporting patients suffering from amyloidosis, we welcome this wonderful initiative from the ISA.

Supporting Medical Community Development

The ISA is committed to supporting the development of the medical community worldwide by offering grants focused on clinical training in all types of amyloidosis.

This grant opportunity aims to encourage research, the discovery of new therapeutic approaches and the sharing of knowledge between healthcare professionals.

Applications open until 16 February

Students interested in this grant opportunity are invited to submit their application before 16 February. Applications can be submitted online, offering a valuable chance to actively contribute to the fight against amyloidosis. The deadline is fast approaching, so don’t delay in becoming part of this crucial initiative.

How to get involved?

For detailed information on the application process and selection criteria, we encourage you to visit the official ISA website dedicated to the Fellowship Programme: link to website.

There, you will find an outline of the application, details of the types of amyloidosis taken into consideration, as well as information on the steps to follow to apply.

Together, we can make a difference in the fight against amyloidosis. By supporting the ISA International Fellowship Program, we are investing in the future of medical research and in improving care for patients with this rare disease.

Join us in this noble cause and help advance the understanding and treatment of amyloidosis worldwide.