Rare disease day 2024 is fast approaching!

Rare disease day 2024 is fast approaching!

February 29 marks world rare disease day, a special occasion to raise public awareness of the challenges faced by those living with rare diseases. This year, the Amyloidosis Alliance is once again mobilizing worldwide to support the cause and highlight the impact of amyloidosis. Each dedicated member of the alliance contributes in their own way in their respective countries.

International Rare Diseases Day: an unmissable event celebrated each year, symbolically on February 29 in leap years. This day provides a crucial platform for raising public awareness, encouraging research and promoting access to treatment for those living with rare diseases.

The Amyloidosis Alliance: a committed player for rare disease day

As part of this exceptional day, the Amyloidosis Alliance is positioning itself as a committed player in the fight against rare diseases. Amyloidosis is a pathology characterized by the abnormal deposition of proteins in body tissues and organs, leading to serious complications. Unfortunately, due to its rarity, amyloidosis is often misdiagnosed, delaying appropriate treatment.

Raising awareness and mobilising: the Amyloidosis Alliance objectives for rare disease day

The Amyloidosis Alliance will use the day to step up its awareness-raising efforts, highlighting the challenges faced by amyloidosis patients. The association also hopes to mobilize resources to support research aimed at better understanding the disease and developing more effective treatments.

How to take part in rare disease day

You can join the Alliance in its commitment by taking an active part in rare disease day. Follow the alliance’s social networks, share relevant information and use the day’s official hashtag to extend the reach of awareness messages. In addition, you can support each Alliance’s members actions worldwide; research and initiatives.

Making a difference together

International rare disease day is a valuable opportunity to raise public awareness of realities that are often little-known. By joining forces with the Amyloidosis Alliance, each and every one of us can help to advance research, improve patient care and advance the cause of rare diseases.

On February 29, join this worldwide initiative and be the voice of those fighting against amyloidosis.