Clinical trial accessible to everybody

Clinical trial accessible to everybody

Do you want to learn MORE about CLINICAL TRIAL?

Over the past year Alnylam’s Patient Advocacy and Medical Writing teams have been collaborating to produce plain language summaries (PLS) of key study publications.

The purpose of this initiative is to make these important data accessible to patient advocates, patients and the general public.

There are now PLS available for key patisiran and vutrisiran clinical trials on the Alnylam corporate clinical trials web page, which you can access here.👇🏻

Scroll down to the headings ‘PATISIRAN’ and ‘VUTRISIRAN’ where you will see the option to download the PLS in pdf in seven languages: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish.

✍🏻Note: There is one PLS available for each medicine at present.