My Amylostory : amyloidosis testimonies

My Amylostory : amyloidosis testimonies

Amyloidosis testimonies from all around the world

After this month of November, and the month of the second World Amyloidosis Day in October, we thought it would be interesting to look back on the very first international day that took place in 2021.

During this event, many testimonies were received from all over the world, from patients, their families or any other person who had been touched by Amyloidosis.

From this call for testimonies came “My Amylostory”, a series of videos based on the stories of all these people who have been or are confronted with Amyloidosis.

Touching, and truly important, these videos must continue to circulate and be shared with as many people as possible.

An important message for Amyloidosis worldwide

My Amylostory has had some success over the past year and we hope to keep it going.

You can find all the videos of Amylose and these poignant testimonies right here on our You Tube channel.

Do not hesitate to send us yours, directly via the website of the event: the World Amyloidosis Day.

We will continue to share your story and make our voice heard worldwide.