The Amyloidosis Alliance launches a toolkit to help to set up amyloidosis patient organisations around the world. 🌍

With this Toolkit, people who want to create a group or association against Amyloidosis anywhere in the world will find many elements to help them in their development , and everything necessary to create a visuel identity and also a website.

To do so, simply go to have a look 🔸 HERE 🔸

All the following elements are available there:

  • 🔸Advocacy Toolkit
  • 🔸Ethical Chart Template
  • 🔸How to make presentations
  • 🔸Template to communicate with Health Companies
  • 🔸How to set up a patient organization
  • 🔸 How to mature a patient organization
  • 🔸Training Tool For PO's training
  • 🔸Website - Logo - Graphic