Our new official Facebook page

The Alliance is happy to share with you its presence on social networks.

Our association, unique in the world, aims to support all existing patient organizations and assist patients wishing to form a group in their country. Our mission is also to bring the voice of patients to all public and private health partners. To achieve it, we believe that a presence on social networks is essential.

The Alliance works in partnership with all health players, reference centers, learned societies, health authorities, researchers, pharmaceutical compagnies. Many of them communicate on social networks about various diseases.

This Facebook page role is also important since amyloidosis is a rare and severe disease for which it is necessary to inform patients, to stimulate research, screening and access to treatment.

Please, help us to share our voice around the world and follow us on this social network.

👉 https://www.facebook.com/AmyloidosisAlliance 👈

We look forward to having many of you in our community. 📱

Womens looking at the Alliance facebook page on a smartphone