The countdown to the World Amyloidosis Day has started

The World Amyloidosis Day is fast approaching ! 

Find here in pictures the actions that some countries have organised to support the next 26 October!

Spain 🇪🇸 : AMILO Asociación Española de Amiloidosis. is organizing a testimony book and they are editing it to share whith Doctors, Organizations, Patients and Sanitary Authorities. 

Sweden 🇸🇪: @FamyNorbotten have invited people to an Open House where they've shared their knowledge about the disease and hand out information leaflets, Coffee and home-made pastries for a convivial event.
The local newspaper and a radio station will report on the event a few days before 26 October. 
The members of the association who have the disease have had a t-shirt sent home and have sent "selfies" (Here is a picture of some of them wearing it) . A fundraiser for the research has been started on Facebook too.

Netherlands 🇳🇱: have organized a meeting where famous professors will talk about Daratumumab as therapeutic monoclonal antibody and the Andromeda study; Patients will be sharing her experience with Daratumumab. Prof.dr. Angela Dispenzieri gives an update about supportive care & symptom management; Prof.dr. Ashutosh Wechalekar will inform about new developments in drug development and new immunotherapies. 

So many great initiatives. We are proud to see how united we all are in the fight against the disease. 
Let's keep it that way!