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Types of Membership and Registration


Standard members are :

  • Organisations representative of Amyloidosis Patients 
  • Holding non-profit status
  • A majority of board members are patients or patient family related  
  • Publishing a yearly financial- and activity report
  • Autonomous in decision making, and not tied to any (pharmaceutical firms)
  • In existence for more than one year
  • With proven activities such as patient support and/or advocacy activities and/or research

Patient organisations that have been created recently (less than 1 year ago) are invited to apply for full membership, but will qualify for a provisional status as “associate member”. After one year, and upon examination of their first annual report or other documents that provide proof of activities in compliance with the membership rules, their status can be revised by the Board of Directors for admittance to full membership. 


Associate Members may be non-profit organisations:

  • which have a primary focus on Amyloidosis but are not patient-owned,
  • Amyloidosis organizations which are less than 1 year old
  • Patient Organisations representing a family of rare diseases in countries where there is no Amyloidosis Organisation to represent them
  • Private or public organisations which are active in the health field and contributing to the objectives of the Amyloidosis Alliance by their mission and work. 

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